Welcome to my Website, here you are going to learn about css (Cascading style sheet)

CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet. Css is a style language that defines layout oof HTML documents.Css covers fonts,colors,margins,lines height,width,background-images etc.Html can be used to layout websites but Css offer more options. Css is supported by all browsers today.CSS gives more control over the appearance of a Web page to the page creator than to the browser designer or the viewer. Neocities.

About HTML!

CSS files aid website programmers by allowing a single file which contains all display settings, as well as simplifying HTML by allowing for multiple page layout design. CSS files can be opened and edited with programs such as Novell Extend Director.

Cascading Style Sheet. Style sheet refers to the document itself. Style sheets have been used for document design for years. They are the technical specifications for a layout, whether print or online. Print designers use style sheets to insure that their designs are printed exactly to specifications. A style sheet for a Web page serves the same purpose, but with the added functionality of also telling the viewing engine how to render the document being viewed.

Why is CSS Important?

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